Jenny paints in oils, acrylics and mixed media. Many paintings have their beginnings on daily walks with her dog along the cliffs and beaches near her home in Dorset or on holiday in Cornwall. She loves wide open spaces and skies, the elemental in land and seascape, but can also be drawn to the overlooked; small objects; stones and shells, leaves and lichens. The sea in all its moods has always been a favoured subject.

A sketchbook is an important tool for recording ideas and gathering information to feed into her work. Drawings and notes of the things that catch her eye and imagination, colours, textures, shapes and forms, the play of light on a surface, notes on sounds or the force of the elements, all can become a starting point for a piece of work. The delight comes however, in the richness and colour of the paint itself and the chance marks and qualities of the surface as she works back in the Studio.

sketchbook page 2 copy
sketchbook page copy